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Terms & Conditions

None of the Chrimojis were based on real or living people. Any similarities with real people are completely totally and utterly coincidental. Apart from the Home Alone one. That’s based on a real person. Well no, not actually - more a real character. So yeah, guess we were right the first time.

Chrimojis are licensed material. This means they may only be used as digital stickers, old school stickers like the ones you’d stick on the outside of your jotter at school, and tattoos. However, if getting a Chrimoji as a tattoo then please consult a doctor because you obviously need more help than we can offer.

Chrimojis are authorised for human use only. Other Christmas characters such as snowmen, turkeys, gingerbread men and robins are also not authorised to use Chrimojis. Elves will be considered through an application process. Final authorisation is down to authorised authorisers. We do not authorise unauthorised authorisation of these Chrimojis. Only authorised authorisers can authorise unauthorised people to authorise Chrimojis. Any unauthorised authorisation will be immediately deauthorised.

The legal team of Santa Claus™ wishes to stress that their client is not in any way associated with Chrimojis. Legally, we have to ruin the illusion by telling you that the voice you hear is in fact a VO artist from England. Please note that it was not ‘Chrimojis’ who wanted to spoil the fun, it was Santa’s legal team. He’s not as cheery and loveable as we all thought, folks.

We were pretty sure people wouldn’t bother reading the terms and conditions because we barely read them for things like life insurance let alone Christmassy stickers. But it would appear that you have. So does that make you weird? Don’t you have anything else to do? Christmas shopping perhaps? A battle with the wrapping paper and a sellotape dispenser? Sprouts to peel?

Turkey sticker

Made by the elves at Whitespace

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